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Bereavement Advice – Living with RARE Grief

Living with grief

The gift of time

One day at a time
Don’t look to far ahead into the future—trying
to make big plans can be overwhelming.
Focus one day at a time to keep moving
forward. Don’t feel pressure to make big plans
or decisions in the early days—they can wait.
While we know that time doesn’t heal all and
doesn’t erase the pain, it is true that time
will make grief easier to live with. There will
be brighter days ahead, and time will soften
the rawness. Be patient, and allow yourself
time to process and find your new normal.

There are no rules
There are no set rules or handbook to grief.
Everyone’s experiences and feelings will be
different so follow your own path. Don’t place
judgement and expectations on yourself
about how you are feeling. If you can’t cry
that is ok and if you can’t stop that is also ok.

The bonds that last
Remember that time and death do not
sever the ties nor take away your
significance to each other. You will
always will be their mum, dad, brother,
sister, family and friend and don’t be
afraid to acknowledge this with pride!
Life is going to be different and what
acceptance looks like is personal to you,
as is how you get there. Respect your own
process and that of others around you,
who will also be feeling their own way
around achieving acceptance.
Keep talking
Try not to bottle things up, talking is
helpful in many ways—to process your
emotions, help keep your loved ones
memories fresh and to help keep you
connected and in the present with others
around you.

Outside perspective
Sometimes others around you can feel
too close and it can be helpful to speak
to someone outside of your situation.
There is no shame reaching out to others
or seeking the services of a professional
to help you unpick your feelings.

Safe care is vital
Do things that make you feel even the slightest
bit lighter, go for a walk, go to dinner, see a
movie. Find ways to get important head space
either alone or with trusted friends. Remember
is is vital to take care of yourself help you
through the days and weeks ahead.

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