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RARE Revolution Magazine and TREND Community are proud to announce their new partnership, working together to power up the voices of the ​youth rare disease community

adults living with rare disease

RARE Revolution Magazine, ​TREND Community and RARE Youth Revolution are excited to announce a joint partnership to better understand the perspectives and needs of children and young adults living with rare disease.

The RARE Youth Revolution platform, created by RARE Revolution Magazine, is powering up young voices, to empower a future generation of rare disease advocates and build a cross-condition youth community. In collaboration, TREND Community will apply its social data analytics to turn the stories and conversations shared by the young rare community into data that will revolutionise the way we think about rare disease and help drive change for young people affected by rare disease.

This partnership will also see the launch of a new international intern placement initiative, launching later this year, allowing young people affected by rare disease to benefit from valuable work experience internships within RARE Revolution, TREND and trusted partner organisations.

TREND and RARE Youth Revolution invite individuals between the ages of 8-25 to get involved by answering short surveys, sharing content and by joining the conversations that matter to them via our online and social media channels. Candidates can also indicate their interest in a summer internship pilot launching this fall.

This partnership marks an important development in the RARE Youth Revolution, allowing the youth community to build a strong collective voice, powered by the social listening technology of TREND and the community building and story-telling platform from RARE Revolution.

The RARE Youth Revolution has begun!

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